Use as few slides as possible. Use examples, images, clear and simple messages. Your slides support what you want to say. They are not the full ‘story.’

If you make a speech – cards with notes can be an option.

In both situations: Simplicity is king, and can be the difference between success and a less powerful presentation.

  • We work with content, ’storytelling,’ the use of examples, metaphors, body language, and the importance of humor – when possible
  • Participants learn how to structure their presentation so that it becomes short, crisp and to the point
  • Participants present or speak in front of camera
  • Participants receive feedback from experienced journalists on content, body language, their overall performance

Please contact us for a meeting or further details +45 5054 2345

Target group: Everybody who wishes to make a speech or present in a professional and catching way so that the content, their messages are listened to and remembered.