Journalists, analysts, employees, customers, lobby groups, key stakeholders, the public. Spot on messages are important in connection with presenting your financial results, a launch, introducing a new strategy or as part of your general communication.

This applies when you deliver your messages, or a slightly longer ‘pitch.’ Participants obtain confidence in composing messages or a ‘pitch,’.

  • Participants learn how to build messages, or a ‘pitch’ – how to use them separately or in connection with other communication
  • Participants are trained in front of camera in getting their messages or ‘pitch’ across and receive feedback from our professional journalists on structure, content, performance, and body language
  •  Participants learn how to stay in control of the interview

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Target group: Executives, investor relations people, company spokespersons, marketers, salespeople, communication professionals, – anybody who wish to understand the importance of providing clear messages, and a ‘pitch’ that works.